Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Questions of Socialism


3 And he laid a tax of one fifth part of all they possessed, a fifth part of their gold and of their silver, and a fifth part of their ziff, and of their copper, and of their brass and their iron; and a fifth part of their fatlings; and also a fifth part of all their grain.
4 And all this did he take to support himself, and his wives and his concubines; and also his priests, and their wives and their concubines; thus he had changed the affairs of the kingdom.
5 For he put down all the priests that had been consecrated by his father, and consecrated new ones in their stead, such as were lifted up in the pride of their hearts.
6 Yea, and thus they were supported in their laziness, and in their idolatry, and in their whoredoms, by the taxes which king Noah had put upon his people; thus did the people labor exceedingly to support iniquity.
7 Yea, and they also became idolatrous, because they were deceived by the vain and flattering words of the king and priests; for they did speak flattering things unto them.

If we cannot learn from the past we will repeat it. King Noah and Barack Obama have basically the same plan. Tax for the benefit of the government and those that serve within the walls of government is the true plan when you cut through all the fancy speeches. We are burdened with much more that 15% of all we earn. Now Mr. Obama wants to redistribute the money we earn to those that are less fortunate. I have no problem helping people that have less than I do, but why does it take government intervention? Why should we support more bureaucracies with office workers and management? How much will trickle down to those that Obama says that he wants to help? Talk about trickledown economics! Sounds to me that we will have a bigger government that will become fatter and lazier as more of our tax dollars fleece the pockets of politicians. I say “no thanks to your socialist agenda!” The more I think of this man the more sickened I become. His plan is flattering to those that have a sincere desire to help those in need and those that have nothing more than bondage of Americans as his or her desire.

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