Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Tired

I am tired of hearing the same thing over again

The mean main streets of America, patients are thin

Taxation beyond belief is what you hear them cry

Son in the Army for this, he may die?

Social reengineering "the rich do not do their share"

The lazy, less fortunate, where money comes? Should care?

The power of technology information is never clear

Email from my step mother, my father, cancer?

Where is our society with all its advantages?

Email? texting? Voice mail? Closet closing stages?

Socialism, Marxism, Capitalism? It’s all a play

A play on your emotions, guns pointed in, I'll stay

America the great and proud still people care

America's Got talent votes live on the air

Mr. Obama, President, the first of his kind

Not black, Not white Economic Slaves, we are blind

First to wave the flag of defeat, of a philosophy that made us, us
Without a shot fired, without bloodshed, the first, the first? I am just tired!

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