Monday, October 20, 2008

Captain Moroni

Yesterday, I started thinking about Captain Moroni and his anger towards Amalickiah (Alma 46 in the Book of Mormon.) Amalickiah was a man of flattery. He drew many followers because of his lies. Moroni stood up and was counted. He was a leader of Christians; he stood for righteousness and was not afraid of the results of his making a stand for the right cause which was freedom for the women and children of the Nephite nation. Again, a great man, much like Patrick Henry. Senator Obama is much like Amalickiah. His words are flattering to listen to and he has such an attractive way of stating his beliefs. He is an eloquent speaker and one wants to believe him. But, there is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama his evil intentions with the power he and his supporters crave. I feel that Obama's cause must be stopped. The cause of redistribution of wealth and the dumbing down of the working American. Take away our desire to be successful you take away our desire to achieve the greatness that has made this country the standard to the world. Let us accept our failures and learn from them. We will become a stronger nation, a nation that will continue to have success through the desire of bettering our individual lives through gaining knowledge, experience and the desire required to elevate our collective lives.

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