Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stop Thief!

Time is a thief. It steals the things that are most close to you. One day you may find yourself praying for just a few quiet moments. The quiet that only a parent knows, it is the peace after your kids run off to school or the tranquil moments after the last child is tucked in for the night. Just prior to the sound of quiet the house was filled with the sounds of rushing, reminders, and sure to be miscommunications. Sounds of disappointment, sounds of victory, sounds of joy, and sounds of utter despair fill our homes as we raise these tiny people that come into to our lives and introduce all sorts of unexpected circumstances. The sounds of books being read and stories being told, instructions for the coming day and reminders for prayers to be said the sounds that have to stop before the beds are filled with his or her bodies. As silence encroaches you cannot help but check on them numerous times before you can sleep. Oh, that time is priceless. Now that the thief has been satisfied and the little one are growing and some gone the quite does not sound so good. The quiet times are now interrupted with brief moments of a child checking in or coming home for a few hours. We stay up late worried if they are doing OK. We would welcome the sounds of rushing that seemed so burdensome just a while ago. Where does the time go? Can I even remember the events that made my life what it is now? I miss the nonsense laughter the silly giggling and the requests for just one more story. Now, I pray for just one more story, but this too must pass. I love my older children that have taught me so much. I love my little ones that think that I am a good guy. I am that guy that they do not see when they wake up, nor do they see me when they come home for the day. They see me after I am used up for a day and preparing for another. I am the guy that gets lost in my thoughts and I forget to enjoy this moment. I wish I could press rewind and change that prayer. Please help me to cherish the loudness of my home and when the quiet moments come enjoy it. Please help me plan for the future but live in the moment. Please help me to remember this time and cherish the little ones, before you know it they are gone. I love all of you kids!


Ellen said...

I like your writing. This one's beautiful and true. Wrote something like it in my blog a couple of years back. Time, indeed, is a thief.

God bless you and your family.

Elray said...
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Joyce DiPastena said...

Great post, and so true! But hey...where's Timmy?

Joyce DiPastena said...

Timmy wasn't taking the picture, was he?

Elray said...

Timmy stayed with his aunt during graduation. He would have ran wild!!!!


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