Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stop Signs

Spirituality can be moments fleeting within periods of confusion and times sandwiched by struggles and concerns. Today I read the recollection of Alma the Younger as he recited his experiences as he and the Son’s of Mosiah set out to cause disruption among the followers of Christ. As they were on their journey an angel appeared to them and told Alma, paraphrasing, if you want to destroy yourself, go ahead. However, it is time to stop destroying others. If you want to be judged with your works that is fine, but stop the destruction of the children of God. Then Alma speaks of the feeling of the judgments’ of God and the loss of eternal life, or eternal life knowing that he could have been more. He could have been a builder of people instead of a destroyer of souls. Then he thought of the teachings of his father, that there would be a Christ and he would bring healing. Let me tell you, again, my words, the pain I felt was so tremendous that I could not move, but when I thought of Christ the Joy I felt was immeasurable. Faith, in Christ is built as we turn our life into a building mode and stop the destruction. The joy of the knowledge of Christ and that there is hope, is a moment that is not fleeting. It turns an ordinary life into one of great potential.

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