Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Covering the Stains

As I take on one more sleepless night, I ponder about the lives of our military men and women that have been cut short by enemies of our nation. Looking at the results of the conflicts that have been fought on our or foreign soil one has to ponder of the worth of souls. What is the value of life? To our politicians is IT just one more number? To his or her Mom, child, Dad, spouse, was IT just a number? I think not. Why, war? Why, bloodshed? Why not peace? Why not understanding? Why carnage? Why the loss of limbs? Why not love? Why not life? Wow, that would be great in a perfect world. Why or why not? Because there is always someone being unjust in the world, there will always be terrorist, there will always be the ACLU trying to protect them. Thank God for solders, Airmen, Seamen, and Marines that have been there to stand up for those of us that choose to live within the walls of freedom. Thank you for your life!! The worth of souls is great, thanks for the price you paid. No, the price we paid for your blood that was spilt, the cost to us is great. I hope our politicians will reflect on your life before making one more plea to change the course of our nation. The blood that once stained the ground to protect our values may be the blood that stains our nation’s soul as we turn our backs on the principles that guided this nation to its stature in the world. We stand for freedom, we stand for principles, we stand for what is right. You died as you voiced our standards.

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