Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Can I Give My Dad?

Father’s Day causes me to reflect on my life as a father. The things I have done wrong seem so numerous that they cannot be counted while the right things are hidden from my mind. Not too long ago my Mom’s mother passed away and I had the opportunity to speak at her funeral. My parents have been divorced for years, but my Dad was there to pay his respects to this tough woman. The night after the funeral I called my Father and thanked him for giving me direction in my life. His reply? “Well if I have done something right, in raising you kids, I will accept it, but I know I have done more wrong than right.” So what can I give my Dad for Father’s Day, There is nothing that could possibly tell him the way I feel about him, so I will write about him and let others know of the man I call Dad.

I do not remember calling him daddy, nope, just Dad. The years are lost to my mind of the daddy I had. I do, however remember a trip to California, going to see my grandparent’s. I sat between him and my mom in the front seat; probably because I was pestering Brad and Debbie and they were going to sacrifice me to the Highway gods. I would say, “every time the wheel turns we get closer to Nana and Papa’s house.” I am sure he wanted to stick a sock in my mouth to shut me up, but he just said “yep.” My dad taught me many lessons and I appreciate him. I wrote a short poem, (for lack of a better word, I am not a poet.) My mind may have lost its memory of my daddy by it has a firm grasp on the Dad I have. Here is your Father’s Day gift. Remember, you get what you pay for!

“The Wheels in Life”

“Every time the wheel turns around we are getting closer, huh, Dad,” That is what I said as we traveled on long trips when I was but a child. Your reply, “yep.” Wheels turn throughout our lives and each turn brings us closer to our destination. My Dad, through his wisdom, would help me steer my load. Through disappointment and sometimes despair I looked to you and said, “Dad, will I reach my destination?” Through my mind I heard you say, “yep, every time the wheel turns you get closer.” When I get impatient I can imagine you saying, “Son, you need to stop and look around before you lose your inclination, of right and wrong, then your wheel will move along in the wrong direction.” The path of sin is the same, every time the wheel turns around, you move further from your appointed destination. Though you were lost from my view; you could not tarry with a son that insisted on losing his ambition, my path was dark, my view clouded over, as I lost my inspiration. The wheels moved on to paths so long in dirty dusty places, life does not care, if you are lost or found you will reach a destination. The storm clouds lifted, I looked to you, for simple profound directions. You said, "turn around, the wheel will lead to the right destination." Every time the wheel turns around you get closer, son. I looked to you and prayed that you could lead me to salvation. It is then I learned that God gave his son and I must look to him to bring me back to my heavenly home. But while I am here God gave me you; to lead me, to guide me, to walk beside me and I am thankful my dad is you. The wheels turn on and each time we come closer to our destination.

I love you Dad!

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