Friday, October 9, 2009

Who is on Our Side? Not Them!

It seems that lately my time and my brain are used up by the time I get home. I have not written since I left my son and his family before went to Afghanistan. Where do I find myself this time? Well once again I am thousands of feet above the surface of the earth. Before the flight to Austin Texas it had been 14 years since I boarded a plane. What are the odds that I would be back on one so soon? I thought I would drive to Vegas today, but I am tired and I could not see myself looking at my windshield for 6 hours going through places like Kingman, Arizona. The bright side of this is that I get to relax for a few minutes before my life gets crazy again when my feet hit the desert floor in Las Vegas. My brain is somewhat spared tonight before I sit down I build a presentation for tomorrow so I can share a few of my feelings.
During the last few weeks it seems as a whole new world is opening up to the inhabitants of the United States of America. The past number of months has left me scratching my head wondering: where is the land that brought prosperity to the world? Where are the responsible leaders that managed this free people by letting us fail or succeed by the actions that we take as we plotted our course in the frail existence? I have intently watch the world during this time frame and I think the past few weeks have proven to be the slipperiest slope I have witnessed in my short 28 years of adulthood. For the first time I find myself scared of the world that my children are living in. I look at the leadership of our country and I see devils that are selling peace and prosperity but the bait and switch is war and confusion for the children of God, not only on this land, but all the lands of this earth that was created for us.
We have watched the politicians, at a distance, as they changed this country slowly for the past 60 years, now a lot of Americans are watching them more closely as they divert our course to freedom at a quickened pace. As people begin to call our leaders on these plans to change our world those that run interference for them are calling us racist. That is the game plan; attack the messenger not the message. So as I challenge our president on his policies, I guess this White, Middle-aged LDS guy is referred to as prejudiced towards people of the same race as President Obama. So I will focus my disgust to the policies of our leadership towards Harry Reid. Heaven knows I cannot focus on Nancy Pelosi because I could be accused of being prejudiced against arrogant power hungry asses from San Francisco.
You see, Mr. Reid is LDS, white, and a little older than middle-aged. Mr. Reid is troubling to me as he pushes this country down the slippery slope. In my opinion he has turned his back on the freedom that we fought for in our pre-earthly state. We fought against Lucifer as he slowly plotted a course of destruction for God’s children. Mr. Reid fought by our sides as we chose to live as free and independent beings to choose for our own individual decisions to return to our Father-in-Heaven. Somewhere along the way Harry decided to change sides and force the children of God, who were born in freedom, to live under laws that would lead to the destruction of our liberties. Mr. Reid, we lost one-third of our spiritual brothers and sisters in that Great War. Now, you have chosen to take on their spiritual lose on your shoulders. You have chosen to risk the blood of generational soldiers that have and continue to shed blood in the defense of the freedom of Americans and the freedom of those that live outside the boundaries of this great union of free and independent states. I wish you no harm; I only wish that you would join the ranks of those you fought with in the pre-existence. Put down your mighty pen that approves these proposals that will only lead our union to oppression under a tyrannical government.

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